Aeromoe's Heavens Above Website Quick Tutorial - " Why "

My sole intention is to pass on some knowledge I've learned during the past couple of months so interested folks may share in the experience.

In July 2010 I rediscovered astronomy. I've always been fascinated with the night sky, and while researching some astronomy topics online, I recently discovered a document titled "Joe Ormans Naked Eye 100 List". Long story short, Joe's list is comprised of atmospheric and astronomical phenomena viewable (except in a few cases with safety equipment) without optical aid: proof you don't need expensive equipment to enjoy astronomy or the skies above you.

I started working on observing (and photographing) the items on the list, and I've created a web page designed around the list and dedicated to documenting my observations. Satellites (including the International Space Station and Iridium Flares) are on the list and since beginning "the list" I've made numerous observations and several photographs of these satellites.

I invite you to take a look at my Naked Eye 100 website and check out some of the photos I've made since starting the list. You'll also find some older photos as well that I pulled from the archives. In the meantime, below are examples of recent photos. Please click on them for a larger view.

ISS over the West Valley

ISS with Venus, Mars, and Spica

Iridium Flare over Arizona

Milky Way over Wickenburg

Four planets setting in the west

Planetary Conjunction

Moon / Planet Conjunction

The "Dippers" in the northwestern sky

Cassiopeia and Andromeda on the rise

Rising crescent moon and earthshine

Four planets, the Moon, and Earth

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Note: All Heavens Above screen shots remain their property and are used with express permission for educational purposes only.