Aeromoe's Version of Joe Orman's Naked-Eye 100 List

Number 8: Solar Eclipse, Annular

My Dad and I travelled along with my long-time friend Martin M. to a spot east of the Grand Canyon to experience my first Central Eclipse. We found a road-side location north of Route 64 that afforded a clear view of the western horizon - a necessity if we were going to watch all of the eclipse that we could before and during sunset. According to Google Earth, our coordinates were N 35°, 55', 07.45" by W 111°, 33', 52" at an elevation of 4982 feet.

We arrived with enough time to get my telescope and camera set up. A small crowd started to assemble, and by the time the eclipse started enough folks were present that it really made the effort worthwhile.

I plan on writing more about our experience and posting more photos, but here is a photo of annularity. Photo taken with a Canon 60D at prime focus through an Orion Telescopes ST120 refractor on a Sky View Pro mount. Note: I realize I should have had the camera strap secured to the telescope. Thankfully nothing happened to make the camera fall from the mount.

Click here to view a time-lapse video of my photos posted to YouTube.