Aeromoe's Version of Joe Orman's Naked-Eye 100 List

Number 47: "Glitter Path"

This photo opportunity came about almost by mistake. Where I live in Arizona there is not much standing water...except in some pretty nice neighborhoods or where there are natural lakes and rivers. I don't live near natural lakes and rivers.

Late afternoon on August 31st 2012 my dad and I are driving out to Rainbow Valley, south of Goodyear, to check out the condition of the road. Recent monsoon rain activity (and associated mild flooding) has left some significant sand pile across the road we use to access our rocketry launching range. With one week until our next launch I decided I go check out if the road had been cleared. On the way there while travelling through Estrella Mountain Ranch and the man-made lake is right between me and the setting sun. Bingo. Glitter Path. I make a quick decision to stop for some photographs. I was a bit rushed to get out to Rainbow Valley before the sun set so I took a few quickly-composed shots and was on my way. Below is my initial effort with Glitter Path. Please continue to scroll down to see the full image.

Here is another photo at the same lake, this time a morning photo taken two days after the photo above. Not much of a glitter path evident but it's a cool photo.