Aeromoe's Version of Joe Orman's Naked-Eye 100 List

Number 44: Lunar Eclipse, Total

The first total lunar eclipse I've been able to thoroughly observe since beginning the Naked Eye 100 list occured in the pre-dawn hours of December 10, 2011.
Below is one image from that eclipse, taken as the moon was nearing the region of atmospheric extinction and moments before totality occured.
Of course, the sky was brightening and the sun was getting close to rising above the eastern horizon behind me.

The next total eclipse I was able to observe was in the pre-dawn hours of April 4, 2015. This eclipse had one of the shortest durations of totality on record.
Below is a photo taken from my Arizona backyard during this brief totality, taken at 5:01am MST.

A Perigee ("Supermoon" in astrological circles) Total Lunar Eclipse occured on 27 September 2015 for most of the Americas and atlantic region.
The full moon was rising in Arizona as the partial phase was underway.
Below is a photo taken at 6:21PM MST, shortly after moonrise, and then another during the total eclipse phase, just 4 minutes before "Mid-eclipse" occured at 7:47PM MST.

Below is a photo taken at 5:48AM MST well into this mornings eclipse. To quote Wikipedia:
"A total lunar eclipse took place on January 31, 2018. The moon appears as supermoon, with perigee being on January 30. Also it is the first blue moon eclipse in 2018, so it was referred to as the super blue blood moon."