Aeromoe's Version of Joe Orman's Naked-Eye 100 List

Number 4: Solar Eclipse, Partial

Solar Eclipse of July 11, 1991

I saw this 1991 event in the east valley of metro Phoenix, an area hundreds of miles north of the path of totality. As a result, I experienced a partial eclipse. I distinctly remember watching the hundreds of "projected" images of the eclipse dancing on the ground. These images were formed as sunlight streamed through gaps between leaves of the tree in my backyard. It was a very cool sight and it inspired me to take some VHS video of the event. Recently I copied that footage to my DV-R and made some screenshots of it using the "Snipping Tool" on my laptop running Windows 7. Below are some of the screenshots, including a snip of the sky as it looked mid-eclipse and the tree the sun was shining through. Please click on the images for bigger versions.

The only other solar eclipse I can remember seeing, a partial, was the one on February 26, 1979...deduced by researching where I was at the time.