Aeromoe's Version of Joe Orman's Naked-Eye 100 List

Number 102: Vapor Trail Shadow Caused By A High-Flying Aircraft

When I first created this category this type of sighting/image wasn't what I had in mind but I've since decided to count it. You've probably correctly identified the shadow as the dark, horizontal path across the lake.

I took this photo on 22 Oct 2007 from the port side of a Southwest 737-700 flying over Lake Mead. My flight was a non-stop from Reno to Phoenix and the routing typically goes right over Las Vegas as well as Lake Mead.

Please scroll further down the page for my initial photo of my original idea for a contrail shadow.

Below is an image I took on the morning of December 1st, 2010 with my cell phone. Clearly visible are two distinct shadows created by the larger contrails.

Below is an image I took on August 16th 2010. Originally I was after the iridescence in the sky but then I noticed the contrail was casting a shadow so I turned my attention to that. This is one of my ideas for a contrail shadow.