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Last week's trip to Denver and seeing my first Frontier A321 whetted my appetite to come back for more photography and the opportunity to fly in my first Frontier A321.
Mid-week I booked a round trip from PHX to DEN and a round trip from DEN to LAS. The DEN-LAS segment would be a Frontier A321.

Like last week, my PHX-DEN-PHX flights were the early and late flights so I could maximize time at DEN. The flight from DEN to LAS was a dusk departure and because we were chasing the sun we arrived just after sunset in Las Vegas. My return to DEN was the 0615 departure so I simply spent the night in the terminal and didn't get very much sleep in the process. I was back in DEN by 830am so I'd have another 13-odd hours of plane watching from the terminal.

The weekend turned out to be quite profitable for Frontier planes and plane watching in general. I got three more Frontier A321s and a couple Lufthansa A330s, among other goodies.

Below is my photo of N228FR at PHX before our departure to PHX. I didn't know which plane should be operating the flight so I was pleased to see N228FR "Orville The Red Cardinal" sitting at gate 25 when I arrived. This would be my first flight on a "new colors" Frontier as well as my first flight on a sharklet-equipped A320.

Below that is the Flight Aware screenshot of the flight to Denver.

Photo: Aeromoe

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