Date Airline Flight Type Regn Routing Time Miles Remarks
Back 12 Jun 16 F9 757 A320-214 N210FR DEN-PHX 01:32 630 mi Sheldon the Sea Turtle next

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My return to Phoenix was on the last flight of the day: F9 757. When I'd checked Flight Radar 24 a couple days prior, the projected aircraft for this flight was N227FR "Griswald The Bear". When I checked on flight day that had been revised to N210FR "Sheldon The Sea Turtle". Oh well, it meant a switch from a "new paint" to an old paint job. The inbound aircraft was operating from SFO and was on time. My sister and I watched planes under a fairly stormy Denver sky for a little while before she dropped me at the terminal. Thankfully there were a couple of Frontier A321s (my first sightings of such) arriving and waiting for gates.

A321 N706FR
Max The Lynx

A320 N229FR
Peachy The Fox

A321 N704FR
Virginia The Wolf

A319 N927FR

A319 N932FR & A320 N218FR
Sarge and Paxton

During online check-in I opted to upgrade to seat 3A for an additional $19 for Stretch Seating (above the $6 I already paid for my original seat). Unlike the rest of the seats, these seats recline and have larger tray tables.
Of course, there is a bit more legroom as well.

Below is my photo of N210FR arriving DEN from SFO as F9 662 prior to operating my flight F9 757 to Phoenix. The next photo shows both aircraft flown this weekend occupying gates A38 & A36 prior to boarding.

Below that is the Flight Aware screenshot of the flight to Phoenix.

Photo: Aeromoe

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I flew on both of these A320s this weekend:

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