Moe and P-Dog's Excellent Adventure Part 2
P-Dog's January 2010 Road Trip to California and Nevada

The trip home.

The trip home started out early Saturday morning, the 16th of January. I'd loaded the truck up Friday so we'd be ready to depart Reno and head back over the Donner to Sacramento. I bid my dad farewell at the gas station where I topped off and P-Dog and I were soon heading west on I-80. Again, the drive across the Sierra Nevada was without incident, but the extra load on my truck was putting my skills to the test. After a couple hours' driving, we arrived safely at the UP Roseville Yard to have a look around before heading over to Grandma's for another visit. It was quite foggy in Roseville when we arrived, but after a little while the sun began to just cut through a bit as evidenced by the 2nd photo at Roseville.

Roseville, CA 16 January 2010

Highway 99, CA 16 January 2010

Tehachapi, CA 17 January 2010

Tehachapi Loop, CA 17 January 2010

Woodford & Caliente, CA 17 January 2010

Tunnel 2, CA 17 January 2010

Caliente, Cliff, Bealville, CA 17 January 2010

Tunnel 2 & Caliente CA 17 January 2010

Caliente CA 17 January 2010

To Be Continued...