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Bit of History

I have been a fan of the Lego building toy for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are vague recollections of playing with Legos back in the late ‘60s when I was about 4-5 years old. Being an early fan of trains, I can recall my dad and me trying to work out a way to make a Lego train that ran on tracks. The earliest of Lego train tracks may have been available by then, but we didn’t have any.

By the time we moved to Nebraska around 1971 my dad bought a set of Lego gears. These are pretty good sized gears with fairly large teeth. I would almost say they were on the same scale as Duplo blocks...but not quite. I still have some of these gears, as well as a lot of the Lego bricks & pieces from those early years. Below is a photo of one of the early gears I found in my stash.

Through the mid-‘70s we acquired a modest amount of spare Lego blocks and probably some small sets. I seem to recall a flea market in Colorado that had boxes and boxes of spare bricks for sale and we may have picked up some of them. My first recollection of purchasing a specific model was the “Swiss Chalet” which is listed as set number 349 or 349-1. This would have been in the mid-‘70s.

In the late ‘70s my mom bought me a couple of Technic and Space sets. I have to research those to see exactly which ones they are. At a flea market I also picked up a BUNCH of the blue train tracks – specifically the 90-degree crossings. I’m pretty sure there were also straight tracks and both the inside and outside curved tracks in that purchase.

In the mid-‘80s I lived in England for three years and my Legos went with me. I have some recollection of building stuff with the Technic parts and a specific memory of some sort of aerial tramway car you might see in a mountain setting. Once specific memory I also have is purchasing a train set at an English toy store in Peterborough. I didn’t have a car in England so I had to ride the bus to and from the big shopping mall in Peterborough.

During my time in England I was well aware the Lego hometown of Billund, Norway was just across the water from England. I really wanted to visit Legoland, Billund but I never made the time. The closest I ever got was photographing a Maersk DHC-7 at Southend’s airport during a Billund-Southend-Billund turnaround in November 1985. To this day I have never been to any of the Legoland parks.

Very early ‘90s I was living in Arizona and my mom brought to me a couple of the Pirate sets, one of them was the large Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship. Sweet!!
Below are a couple photos I just took (March 2013) of the box. The box contains some hull parts for both the Black Seas Barracuda as well as the Caribbean Clipper. There is also another, unidentified, ship's hull in there and most likely additional pirate ship parts from sets aquired second hand. Additionally I have what appears to be another full set of red/white sails...

Over the years my dad has picked up various batches of Legos during his visits to flea markets. No serious purchases or anything like that, just the occasional box or two of mixed pieces to add to my “pile”. Mom was also good at collecting a LOT of toys from the fast food restaurants, so I have some of the small polybag freebies from McDonalds.

Present Day

Ok, so now we’re in 2013. Despite all my other interests and the passage of several decades since those early years, I still have the vast majority of my Legos and my interest has never waned. The plethora of Lego sets for sale in the stores ALWAYs manages to catch my eye and make me stop and have a look. I’ve been a casual observer of Legos over the years but I’m still amazed at all the various themes and the evolution and sophistication of the brand. And like just about everything else, there is so much Lego information available on the Internet. I actually have the Internet to blame for my most recent (March 2013) interest in buying some Lego sets. But before we get into that, a few weeks before this latest spree began, I was in my local WalMart and I purchased a small Lego Creator set: #31004 Fierce Flyer. Read on:

It was Monday, March 11th 2013 and I was researching a Mrs. Potato Head toy online with the intention of making a flying model rocket similar to my successful rocket conversion of a Mr. Potato Head I stumbled across the Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Darth Tater toy and ordered it online for later pickup at my local WalMart store. Somehow the Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train set popped up and I was hooked at first sight. I have an active interest in trains, and the old school “Movie Monsters” like Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, Dracula, etc. are pretty cool too. So, in my opinion, the Monster Fighters is about coolest theme currently available, after the Star Wars theme of course.

The Wal-Mart webstore showed a "bundle" available, however I only ordered the Ghost Train for pick up at my local store. A little while later I got a confirmation that the Darth Tater was ready for pick up. Then a bit after that I got an email telling me the Ghost Train was NOT available. Rats. I checked availability at the other local WalMart and...Ka-CHING! they had it. So I placed the order and head up there to pick it up. That's when I get the idea to see if they would honor the "bundle" price with the Werewolf and Mummy sets. In the end, a manager was very understanding and gave me the bundle price. :-)

And so began my current mini buying-spree of Legos. I discovered and signed up as a VIP member. I placed an order for the Haunted House, Vampyre Castle, and a second Ghost Train. After a full work week of “In Process” as the order status, the two shipping boxes showed up unexpectedly via Fed Ex on Saturday March 23rd. Ka-ching!

26 March 2013

Imagine my surprise then that while researching the website I found a Lego Store not far from where I live. Double ka-ching!! I made my first ever visit to a Lego Store today, March 26th 2013. At the time I was hoping to find the elusive Zombie set but I learned it had been discontinued last year and they didn’t have any more of them. From what I’ve read, the Monster Fighters theme will be discontinued this year. Once I got home I found the discontinued Zombie set online and placed an order for it on the March 26th. As of March 28th I’m still waiting for a confirmation email from the seller. During the search I found a couple of other smaller Monster Fighter piece so I ordered them too.

While I was at the Lego Store I didn’t leave empty-handed. I purchased a Halloween Set ($15) to go with the Monster Fighters, a discounted set of Star Wars magnets (Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Royal Guard), and the Star Wars The Malevolence spaceship. Since I bought more than $50 I received the complimentary Republic Frigate polybag kit. Since I’m a Lego VIP member I was able to exchange some points and get $15 off my purchase!

27 March 2013

During several trips back to WalMart I’ve picked up one or two Star Wars or Monster Fighters sets. It is not my intention to collect the whole Star Wars series but I am picking up several sets I find attractive. In fact, earlier this week I placed another order from and it was delivered quickly on March 27th, 2013. This order included Jabba’s Palace, Rancor Pit, Millennium Falcon and Hoth Echo Base. It also included the complimentary Republic Frigate polybag kit.

28 March 2013

Yesterday, March 27th 2013, I visited my local military exchange to check out their selection of Legos. Various themes are well represented but only a few models from each theme. The only Monster Fighters on the shelf was the “Mad Scientist”. As for Star Wars they have X-Wing Fighter, a couple of the smaller models and about three different “Build a Universe” planet models. I picked up two more of the Star Wars models: Saesee Tiin's Jedi Starfighter and the smaller Republic Troops vs. Sith Troops.

From there it was up to WalMart to see if they still had the Star Wars 2012 Advent Calendar on closeout. I’d seen it on the shelf there within the past couple weeks but I didn’t buy one. I saw it online for ½ price ($24.99) but I couldn’t remember what the WalMart closeout price was. They still had it and it was marked $35 so I picked up one of the two they had. I also couldn’t resist the Star Wars Gungan Sub from Episode I. When I got home I found Fed Ex had delivered the previously mentioned order of Jabba’s Palace, Rancor Pit, etc. Triple Ka-ching!!!

As if all this Lego activity for the past ninety minutes wasn’t enough I decided to dig into my Lego past. From under my bed I pulled out the 22-year old Pirates “Black Seas Barracuda” box. This box is from the early 90s and still in pretty good shape. Thing is it is filled to the brim with all sorts of bricks including pieces of the Barracuda. Then I went out to the garage and dug out the ~20-gallon plastic tub filled to the top with more bricks. In the living room I laid out a blanket and dumped the bin. Literally thousands and thousands of assorted bricks and pieces, representing over five decades of Legos, spread out all over the floor. However, I didn’t find what I was specifically looking for: a stack of instruction manuals I’m pretty sure I still have. The “Barracuda” box had a few instruction manuals under the bricks but I’m sure I have a lot more, especially those concerning those Technic and “Space” sets from the late 70s. I also didn’t find any of my train-specific items except for some of those old school red train wheels that go in the 2x4 bricks and one lone piece of “inside” blue curved rail. This stuff has to be in a different box…gotta locate it pronto. I also have a sinking feeling that I tossed out a lot of the blue 90-degree crossings in the fairly recent past. I hope I’m mistaken on that account.

So where does all this lead? I’d like to build and display some of the Monster Fighters series in a glass-enclosed stand up enclosed because I live in a very dusty area and trying to keep up with dust is a real chore. Same goes for the Star Wars models. Simple display scheme.

I have a longer term goal of sorting and categorizing all my loose bricks and pieces…which basically accounts for all my Legos except these most recent purchases!

29 March 2013

Ok. After searching for about an hour yesterday afternoon (and accomplishing a little spring cleaning in the process) I located the “missing” tub of bricks. I also found the blue train tracks and 90-degree crossings. Some of the crossings were broken into pieces – probably beyond repair. The photo of the switches includes the loose Level Crossing pieces from the diesel freight train set I bought in England. Those pieces are stored in the original box with the switches. Below are some photos.

Tub #1

Tub #2

Broken 90° crossings

Blue train tracks

Switches box

Switches and crossing

I just did an internet search on the acronym AFOL and found out it stands for Adult Fan of Lego. Works for me…guess I am one and have been one for three decades now. I saw the acronym numerous times yesterday while reading a thread on I didn’t bother researching it until just now.

Back to yesterday’s bricks. Opened the tub and there were the missing instruction sheets I hoped I’d find. The tub is see-through and I could tell there were a bunch of baseplates on the bottom. Despite being tired I decided to sort some bricks. I laid out a towel and dumped ‘em. I managed to fill a few bags: wheel sets, plates, train parts, windows and translucent parts, space stuff, Technic, etc. After a couple hours I gave up for the afternoon and dumped put ‘em back in the bin. The bin is still over 50% full of loose bricks. At least I got a little head start on sorting. Despite finding most of what I thought was missing I realized I am still missing the gray train tracks from the set I bought in England in the 80s. Nor did I locate the 4.5v battery pack from that set. I did find a couple of the magnetic couplers and plastic “bumpers” the prototypical non-American trains have.

29 March 2013 (again)

Using Lego bricks for non-Lego purposes. I’m guilty of it. Back in the fall of 2004 and early 2005 when I was working on my N-scale train layout I needed something to help keep the under-table wiring tidy and in place. I used a bunch of Technic 1xn bricks affixed to the underside of the plywood with adhesive. They were convenient and readily available. I probably used several dozen of them.

Then, a few years ago I used some standard bricks to build a box to contain liquid RTV during a mold-making process. The bricks worked really well for this. Had I realized I couple sets of another brand of blocks in the house I would have used them instead. Oh well.

I got an email last night stating the seller shipped my Zombie set. Very cool.

This morning I sorted through all the numbered instructions and plan books I could find. This would imply these are sets I have acquired over the years.

Instruction Booklets


483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base
497 Galaxy Explorer


720 Basic (two of these)


951 Technic Bulldozer Expert Builder Set
956 Technic Auto Chassis Expert Builder Set


1628 Santa with Reindeer and Sleigh
1974 Three pack – Helicopter, Robin Hood Horse & cart, small space hopper (three sets)

Harry Potter

4706 Harry Potter (Forbidden Corridor)
4723 Harry Potter (Diagon Alley Shops)
4728 Harry Potter (Escape From Privet Drive)

Model Team

5580 Model Team (big rig) (two of these booklets)

Legoland Pirates

6257 Legoland (Castaway’s Raft)
6270 Legoland (Forbidden Island)
6274 Legoland (Caribbean Clipper)
6276 Legoland (Eldorado Fortress)
6285 Legoland (Black Seas Barracuda)


6368 Legoland (Jet Airliner) (two of these)
6392 Legoland (Airport)
6604 Legoland (Formula 1 Racer)
6680 Legoland Tow Truck
6684 Legoland (Police Patrol Squad)
6687 Legoland (Turbo Prop)

Legoland Space

6823 Legoland (space) (Surface Transport)
6847 Legoland (space) (Space Dozer)
6872 Legoland (space) (Lunar Patrol Craft)
6876 Legoland (space) (Alienator)
6881 Legoland (space) (Lunar Rocket Launcher)
6882 Legoland (space) (Walking Astro Grappler)
6884 Legoland (space) (Aero-Module) (two of these)
6894 Legoland (space) (Invader)


7720 Diesel Freight Train Set (bought in England) 4.5v
7852 Switch points, manual 4.5v


8040 Technic Pneumatic
8860 Technic Auto Chassis

Catalogs & Booklets

1982 Train catalog
1984 Lego & Duplo catalog (10p – England)
1985 Lego & Duplo catalog (10p – England)
1989 Shop at Home Service catalog
6000 Legoland plan book ($1.99)
8888 Expert Builder plan book ($4.49)
8889 Technic plan book (£3.20 – England / Taylor & McKenna)

29 March 2013 (still)

Doing some more updating to this website and surfing a little more Lego stuff on the 'net. I found a promotional pack of Monster Fighters minifigs available on e-bay so I just ordered two of them.

30 March 2013

During the sorting session a couple of days ago, I took a few photos. This morning I sent myself some photos from my phone to upload to this webpage.

Mailman brought me some presents this morning: two of my very recent online orders arrived. Below are photos of them.

Ghost and Clock

Zombie Car

Zombie Coffin Car

Got back from Walmart a little bit ago and while there I picked up three Star Wars items: #9674 Naboo Starfighter & Naboo; TIE Bomber & Asteroid Field; and #9489 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack. The first two are my first purchases of the Planet Sets.

22 May 2013

Okay. It's been nearly two months since I last added to this "blog". I was TDY to Savannah, Georgia for a couple weeks in April, then took a train ride to Rhode Island to visit my pop in MA. I visited the Walmart near the hotel at Savannah Airport and picked up a Lego set or two. During the first Sunday I was in Georgia I visited a Walmart in Cordele and picked up #9489 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack. Didn't realize I already had it. I really must post my list of sets online so I can check it in the field. It remains new-in-box. In Savannah, I picked up the #75002 AT-RT and built it in the hotel room. I also visited a Walmart in a town near Atlanta just to see what they had on the shelves. At first I was disappointed they didn't have any Monster Fighters on display...then I turned the corner and found a whole section devoted to Monster Fighters and Star Wars. They even had the Ghost Train on display in a very cool diorama so I snapped some photos as seen below.

Some Monster Fighters

Ghost Train

Ghost Train

Ghost Train

Some Star Wars

Its no wonder I can't find the Death Star planet in Arizona...they're all in Georgia. I just place an order online for a couple of the #9676 TIE Interceptor & Death Star planets...they should arrive in a couple days or so. At the same time I placed an order for #9675 Sebulba's Podracer & Tatooine and it arrived today.

My collection of Star Wars sets has increased dramatically. I've purchased mainly online at the site but also at the Lego Store in Arrowhead Mall. Both options offer rewards points for $$ off future purchases.

I also bit the bullet last week and placed an order for a #10219 Maersk Train. It was over $200 and when it arrived I was quite disappointed in the condition of the box. I checked the condition of the bags and the instructions and stickers and they all seem to be there. Haven't done a proper inventory as I don't know how many bags are supposed to be there but it does seem to be complete.

Maersk Train

Maersk Train

Maersk Train

24 May 2013

UPS delivered a small box today and it contained my two #9676 TIE Interceptor & Death Star planets I ordered earlier in the week. Sweet! :-)

I also posted a list of my sets online so I have a reference for when I'm out and about.

24 May 2013

The postman dropped by this afternoon with a little parcel for me: my #8089 Hoth Wompa Cave I'd ordered earlier in the week with the planets. I also stopped by a local Target this morning and picked up a spare #9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin planet set. I also snapped a few photos with the cell phone showing some of the 5% price discounts on many of the Monster Fighter and Star Wars sets. I was good and ONLY got the planet set.

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Below is a table of most of my Lego Collection.

Set # Theme Name Date Where Status Remarks
9496 Star Wars Desert Skiff 03/23/13 Lego Store NIB .
9497 Star Wars Republic Striker-Class Starfighter 04/09/13 Walmart NIB Savannah, GA
9498 Star Wars Saesee Tiin's Jedi Starfighter 03/27/13 BX NIB .
???? Star Wars The Empire Strikes Out DVD 05/13/13 Walmart Open Includes Darth Vader Mini-fig

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