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Below is my photo of N45956 at the gate in Houston just before entering the jet bridge. Both gates at Houston and Los Angeles are "international" gates and have a customs sterile area to keep deplaning passengers out of the boarding area. This window-lined hallway effectively keeps one from being able to get decent photos from the boarding area through the windows of a plane at the gate.

After getting my rental car I headed straight for "the hill" overlooking LAX. N45956 had already been towed to the east maintenance area so it wouldn't be immediately departing. I asked a few of the photographers already assembled on the hill if any of them had photographed N45956 after landing. One of them, a Richard Wilson, had in fact done so and he agreed to email me a photo after he got home. His photo is shown below.
Photo: Aeromoe

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Seatback display

Some additional inflight photos:
This flight often overflies Phoenix
View of NW Phoenix metro
View of some of my 'hood
Phone photo looking NW up Grand Ave
My seat 17L with the two windows
My view into the forward cabin

A photo of my 787-9 at the rear gate after deplaning LAX.

A photo of my plane on taxiway H at LAX after landing 25L. Photo: Richard Wilson

FlightAware screenshot of our ground track.

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