BNSF Railway O35 Road Switcher Photos
Effective 1 June 2010 the O35 is now also the O38 (well, sometimes it is! And now it isn't anymore.)
2004 - Present

5 February 2007 and the westbound BNSF O35 job is seen crossing Dysart and Thunderbird in El Mirage. The train has just passed the former station of Goldbadge at the eastern end of the Ennis Sub. "Goldbadge" no longer exists as the lumber company was removed to make room for the Super WalMart that was constructed on this triangular parcel of land in 2006/2007. Please click here to see an aerial image of where the Ennis Sub branches off from the BNSF Phoenix Sub in El Mirage.

The Ennis Subdivision in 2013 is a nine-mile light-duty branch line that is served almost daily. Speed limit on the line is 10 MPH, enabling a relatively easy chase. Thankfully for railfans, several industries along the line justify the continued existence of the Ennis Sub, including dimensional lumber, steel, and liquified petroleum gas. Indeed, the future may be even brighter for the Ennis Sub. Land is being developed for industry and the BNSF Railway is exploring ways to increase capacity and expand service to current and planned industries.

I also recommend the following website for more information detailing former ATSF operations on "The Peavine" in Phoenix:
A Guide to ATSF in Phoenix

About the background photo, and some more photos :)

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I thought it would be interesting to chronical the locomotives I've seen working the O35 job. Since I moved to my current address in mid-2004, I've been documenting movements on the Peavine and Ennis Sub on a regular basis. Initially the locomotives seemed to get rotated through the fleet of Geeps at Mobest every week or two, or so it seemed. As time went on individual units were staying assigned to the O35 longer and longer...sometimes for months at a time. Please click here to view a table of the units I've noted assigned to the O35.

The photos below are listed in reverse chronological sequence and illustrate the various units I've seen working this short but fascinating branch of the Phoenix Subdivision. Also, please note the O35 not only works the Ennis Subdivision but is also responsible for the 3-odd mile portion of the mainline from Lizard Acres to the west end of El Mirage. As a result, the O35 sometimes has a considerable wait to occupy the mainline and perform that work.

August 10, 2021
Screen grab from phone video of the 35 Job approaching Cactus Road on the way to the mainline this hot afternoon.

Consist: 1968

As I'm posting these 2020 photos in December 2020, it's been five years since I've added photos to this page!

December 16, 2020
Screen grab from phone video of O35 crossing Litchfield Road on the way to Calgas this cool morning. Video posted to YouTube.

Consist: 2732, 2644

December 11, 2020
O35 approaching Peoria Avenue in El Mirage while heading back towards the mainline. Screen grab from my Phone video posted to YouTube.

Consist: 2732, 2390

December 3, 2020
Very rushed grab photos of the O35 approaching Litchfield Road while heading back towards the mainline. Highly unusual for 6-axle units to be used on this train. Phone photo.

Consist: SD40-2s 1612, 1621

November 25, 2020

O35 parked short of Dysart Road, next to the WalMart.

Consist: 2732, 2390

July 24, 2020
O35 crossing Litchfield Road while heading west towards Calgas. Screen grab from my Phone video posted to YouTube.

Consist: 2732, 2663

While watching the train roll by I happened to notice remnants of this former siding. I've been railfanning this area for 16 years and I'd never noticed this before.

September 13, 2020
O35 parked on the Ennis Sub just short of the mainline in El Mirage. Phone photo.

Consist: 2644, 3032

June 8, 2020
O35 crossing Peoria Avenue while heading west towards Calgas. Screen grab from my Phone video posted to YouTube.

Consist: 2390, 2644

May 15, 2020
O35 approaching Peoria Avenue heading towards the mainline. The three former-Coos Bay Rail Line GP30s have been parked for a couple of months as seen in this screen grab from a very crappy video made with my phone.

Consist: 2732, 2663

February 17, 2015
O35 seen idling at Calgas. Phone photo.

Consist: 2684, 2229

June 12, 2014
Ok, so it has been almost a year since my last posting to this page. No excuses. My most recent O35 sighting is seen near the El Mirage Walmart on a quiet morning. I didn't have my camera with me so this Phone photo will have to do. You can click on the photo to see the locos from the other end.

Consist: 8728, 2683

July 24, 2013
Wednesday late afternoon and I spotted the O38 crossing Litchfield Road. I did a U-Turn and went back to the Peoria Ave grade crossing to grab a photo. I found a little "pond" with some Killdeer (birds) and, realizing there is little water next to the BNSF, I'd work the pond into the photo. Not that it is a very attractive pond but it works here. Nice to see a GP35 leading the train.

Consist: 2627, 2951

June 10, 2013
On my way home I saw the O35 crossing Litchfield and heading east towards the mainline. I got ahead of it at Cactus Road and caught it approaching that grade crossing. The locomotives assigned are the two middle ones in the photograph below but they're now connected back-to-back.

Consist: 2951, 8704

May 31, 2013
For at least the 2nd time recently the O38 is seen with four units...however this is only my first time seeing it. I had seen the O35 earlier in the day at Bumstead heading towards Calgas with just the two trailing units: the 114 and the 2951.
Please click on the photo to see the units from the other end.

Consist: 2863, 8704, 2951, 114

May 24, 2013
Another nice opportunity to watch the O35 working the beer distro facility.

Consist: 114, 2951

May 23, 2013
I've just arrived at the Rio Mirage Mexican Restaurant in El Mirage as the O38 begins pulling across Grand Avenue.
I take the opportunity to grab a Phone photo of the activity.

Consist: 2951, 114

May 15, 2013
Another great opportunity to photograph a "rare" GE unit assigned to the O35.
Here the job is seen at Webb Spur (track in the foreground) heading towards Calgas.

Consist: 543, 8734

April 30, 2013
Here we see the O35 resting between assignments in El Mirage. This is facing geo west between Grand Avenue and the Walmart on the Ennis Sub.

Consist: 8723, 8734

April 3, 2013
I found the O35 working at the beer distrobution facility on the morning of April 3rd.

Consist: 114, 2671

April 1, 2013
Here we have the O35 shoving westbound towards Calgas.

Consist: 2671, 114

March 7, 2013
O35 seen tied down in El Mirage.

Consist: 150, 8738

February 18, 2013
One of my first night shots of the O38 shows the newly-assigned D8-40BW #528 trailing behind the H3-painted GP60M #150.

Consist: 150, 528

February 4, 2013
I took the opportunity to use the overcast sky to make this photo of the O35 on the curve at the beer distro facility.
Please click on the photo to see the units at the head end of the train.

Consist: 2853, 2958

September 2, 2012
Here we see the O35 tied down on the Ennis set out track in El Mirage.

Consist: 170, 8702

August 25, 2012
Phone Photo
Early Saturday morning in the WalMart parking lot and I spied the O35 chillin' facing west. I'd heard the 8702 on the scanner last night when they cleared up in Glendale but I wasn't sure what other unit was lashed up with it. So, it's nice to see the 170 (GP60B rebuilt to GP60) back in Phoenix.

Consist: 170, 8702

August 10, 2012
Phone Photo
I was on the way home on Cactus and noticed the O35 running light power towards Calgas so I pulled for a photo.

Consist: 8705, 2774

July 28, 2012
Early Saturday morning at the adult beverage distribution facility in El Mirage and the O35 is resting. No crew in sight but the safety lights are all a-blaze.
Please click the photo for a view of the 2774.

Consist: 122,2774

July 19, 2012
Phone Photo
Thursday evening and the O38 has just come off the Ennis Sub onto the mainline for the trip into Phoenix. I first noticed this new consist just a couple days ago.
Please click the photo for another view.

Consist: 8728, 153

July 15, 2012

Sunday the 15th of July and the job is on duty at Calgas. No scanner available today so I do not know what symbol the train was using this day.
Click on the photo to see a side view of both locomotives.

Consist: 8728, 2774

June 26, 2012
Phone Photo
A fairly long O35 led by GP38 2229 is seen approaching the Peoria Ave grade crossing this warm Tuesday morning.
Please click on the photo for another view of the locomotives.

Consist: 2229, 2958

June 14, 2012
Phone Photo
GP39-2 2774 and GP60M 135 are working the O35 job at Calgas this particular Thursday morning.

Consist: 2774, 135

May 22, 2012
Phone Photo
GP39-2 2945 is shown leading the O35 westbound at Webb Spur on the Ennis Sub towards Calgas. The track in the foreground is Webb Spur.
It crosses Olive Avenue and is mainly used as overflow storage for tank cars.

Consist: 2945, 8733

May 8, 2012
Phone Photo
GP60 8733 heads up the O35 job on duty at Calgas.

Consist: 8733, 2945

April 29, 2012
Sunday afternoon and the O38 (confirmed on the scanner) is working near Calgas.

Consist: 2229, 8701

March 22, 2012
O35 job working Calgas.

Consist: 8701, 2951

February 1, 2012
Well boy howdy, a new consist on the O35 this fine February 1st. Not sure when this consist was created but the 8724 seen in the next photo served as lone eagle on the job at least until January 29th. This photo shows the O35 moving west (geo south) across Cactus Avenue after having made a pick up and a single-car set out at the liquid refreshment distributor just out of view in the distance. Please click on the photo to see a long-distance photo of some work being done at the distributor.

Consist: 2836, 2650

January 24, 2012
I found GP60 8724 working solo this morning while pulling the O35 through the 'S curve' approaching Litchfield Road.
Please click the photo to see another view of the train while crossing Litchfield Road.

Consist: 8724

January 2, 2012
The O35 consist working Calgas on a cool Monday morning.

Consist: 8724, 8729

August 29, 2011
Phone Photo
From a distance I spotted the O35 power running light towards Calgas...I was on Litchfield heading north so I figured I'd stop for a photo at the grade crossing. To my surprise, the BNSF 170 was on point. This unit is a recently-converted GP60 that was created by joining the formerly-cabless GP60B #347 with the cab from a Union Pacific SD40-2.

Consist: 170, 8730

August 08, 2011
At the Litchfield Road grade crossing on the Ennis Sub I was first in line to watch the O35 shoving backwards towards Calgas. Unfortunately I couldn't wait any longer after the crossing gates went up to get a cleaner photo of the train. This is the only photo I got of this O35 lashup. Please click here to see a photo of the end of the train approaching Litchfield Road.

Consist: 8730, 8727

July 19, 2011
Phone Photo
Just after 8am and the O35 is running westbound on the Ennis Sub at the Peoria Avenue grade crossing.
Unfortunately, just a crappy cell-phone photo of the train but it's all I could get at the time.
Please click here for a really crappy cell-phone photo of the 8726.

Consist: 2836, 8726

July 9, 2011
A new consist on the O35 finally. I caught this lashup at Calgas late morning on Saturday 9 July, 2011.

Consist: 8734, 2836

April 28, 2011
Finally a revised consist for the O35 job. I was on my way home and found the two warbonnets running light power from Calgas towards Ennis so I stopped for a couple photos. Here we see the 158 and the 139 approaching the Litchfield Road grade crossing, just west of Bumstead.

Consist: 158, 139

March 14, 2011
For a very brief period, the 2229 replaced the 146 on the westbound point of the O35. I managed to grab a shot of the consist near the Wal-Mart where the former location "Goldbadge" was once located.

Consist: 2229, 8710

February 26, 2011
On the way to Rainbow Valley this cloudy Saturday morning and my usual route takes me past Calgas. Alas, gone was the 511 seen a few days prior; he was replaced by GP60M #146.

Consist: 8710, 146

February 22, 2011
Surprise! Yesterday I heard the "511" on the scanner...didn't think too much of it. Today I was out chasing a couple Peavine trains in El Mirage and when I drove past the Ennis Sub I noticed a GE locomotive coupled to a "bluebonnet" sitting on the Ennis Sub. After catching the mainline trains I doubled back to El Mirage to check it out. Lo and behold, Dash8-40BW was coupled to the 8710. Not since the B23-7 #4268 in April 2006 have I seen a GE locomotive assigned to the O35 job.

In the fading early-evening sunlight, I grabbed a few photos of the unusual (for the O35/O38) lashup. Never did see the train in action over the next couple days...and it's a good thing I grabbed these photos because by the weekend the 511 was gone.

Consist: 8710, 511

January 22, 2011
On my way home from Rainbow Valley this afternoon I passed by Calgas and found the job on duty there. Soon after I got home they toned up DS-13 to get some time to work Ennis as the O39 job - not an unusual symbol when they are working on the weekend. As of Mid-February, these guys are still assigned.

Consist: 8710, 8727.

September 11, 2010
Found the two latest units assigned to the O35/O38 resting at Calgas this fine Saturday afternoon. Some high clouds had started floating in over the past few hours leading to this slightly subdued image of the two GP39-2s.

Consist: 2836, 2863.

August 23, 2010
On my way home the morning of the 23rd, I was treated to the latest O35 job lashup running light power. This view shows the units approaching the Peoria Avenue grade crossing at the Ennis location known as Sun Valley. Same location and running direction as photo below...opposite side of the tracks.

Consist: 2853, 2945.

July 25, 2010
While I was out watching the sunset this evening I was able to catch the new O35 / O38 consist picking up a gondola at "Sun Valley" near Peoria Avenue. These two units were apparently just assigned to the job today as last night I watched the 2958 and 2853 come off the Ennis Sub at Grand Avenue and head into town. Please click on the photo to see another photo of the job.

Consist: GP38-2 2013, GP39-2 2868

July 19, 2010
O35 operations are a bit different the past month or so and here we find the two H1-painted units resting on the Ennis Sub just west of Grand Avenue and the Peavine. I just thought I'd post this photo since I haven't yet shown this lashup with the 2958 leading.

Consist: 2958, 2853

July 11, 2010
When I heard the 2853 / O38-job get a warrant at Restricted Limits to come out late Sunday afternoon I knew the 2013 must have been switched out so I went out to grab a photo of the train. Here the O38 is seen alongside Grand Avenue in El Mirage heading to do some work at Ennis. The 2013 was assigned right up to a day or two ago.

Consist: 2853, 2958

June 3, 2010
Yesterday late afternoon I heard the O38 get a warrant to work between MP 173 and Restricted Limits Glendale. I sat and watched the two "Blue Bonnets" pull off the Ennis Sub and onto the mainline but I did not witness them depart El Mirage westbound. I was pleasantly surprised to find two "new" units assigned to my local road switcher this afternoon when I went out to watch a Westbound Z train come through. Here we see the 2013 and 2958 resting on one of the El Mirage yard tracks late in the afternoon.

Consist: 2013, 2958

June 1, 2010
Late this afternoon on the scanner I heard the O35 Road Switcher referred to as the "O38" so I went out to investigate. I found the two units shoving back across Grand Avenue so I snapped a photo of the O38. Later that evening I learned that today some shuffling of job numbers occured. As the next few weeks transpired, I learned a little more about this.

The O35 job is still the daytime, weekday job. Late in the afternoon I've been hearing the O38 go on duty and get the work between MP 172 or MP 173 and Restricted Limits. Then late at night they'll come back to El Mirage as the O38. I've still heard the job referred to the O39 during weekends.

May 22, 2010
At times the O35 job will go on duty late at night or on the weekends. When it does, it is sometimes labeled the O39 job. I was home on Saturday and heard the 2229 get a warrant to go to work and they identified themselves as the O39. I hadn't gotten a photo of the O35 in a while so I went out to catch it in action as the O39 on the mainline in El Mirage.

March 13, 2010
I found a new unit assigned to the O35 on Saturday morning while passing by Calgas. Later in the day I was able to make this photo of the 2648 and the 2229 sitting idle alongside Olive Avenue at Calgas.

February 5, 2010
As of February 5th, two new units assigned to the O35 are the 2945 and the 2229. This O35 has just received a track warrant to work between mileposts 173 and 176 and is about to cross both incarnations of Grand Avenue...the two lane "frontage road" and Grand Avenue/US 60 in El Mirage. Please click here to see a view of the train trundling over to the mainline.

February 4, 2010
The sun has almost set on the west valley and the current O35 units have been set out on the Ennis siding north (RR east) of Greenway Road. These units will be picked up during the night by the outbound Local for transfer to the Arizona & California. Periodically, road switchers are shipped to Barstow, California for periodic scheduled maintenance. Actually, this move was supposed to take place the night before (morning of the 4th) but for some reason they stayed in service during the 4th. They were gone on the 5th and as seen in the photo above, two replacement units have been assigned to the O35 Road Switcher job.

January 25, 2010
Here we see the O35 with the former Burlington Northern caboose (shoving platform) reversing off the mainline and onto the Ennis Sub.

December 21, 2009
Here we see the 2944 and 2868 resting at Calgas.

December 08, 2009
During a quick lunch break, I was able to catch the O35 shoving into Fennemore.
Please click on the photo for another view of the train after stopping at Fennemore.

November 17, 2009
I was lucky to catch this O35 job shoving towards Calgas one fine November morning. The train has just cleared the Litchfield Road grade crossing and is negotiation the s-curve.

October 05, 2009
GP60M 133 is on the O35 here at Lizard Acres. The crew shoved this short train up the mainline from EL Mirage and into the Lizard Acres siding and tied down so they could go across the street and grab a bite to eat.

September 11, 2009
GP60M 124 was dutifully assigned to the O35 for over two months. On the afternoon of September 10, I found the 124 set out on the Ennis siding just north of Greenway. I was also hearing the O35 job on the scanner working out on the Ennis Sub somewhere. Too tired to check it out, I waited until the next morning to investigate and found the H2-painted GP60M 115 working at Calgas. The crew was just finishing up shoving some cars as I took the above photo. I have to imagine the 124 was moved out of town with the Local during the night but I can't be positive.

July 08, 2009
After the 8733 was turned loose, the 124 rejoined the Ennis Sub and travelled Light Power back to the beer distro facility to grab the cut of cars and do whatever it is they had to do for the rest of the afternoon.

July 08, 2009
A short time after the photo below was taken, a very short Z-CLOPHX went by on the mainline, and the two O35 locomotives moved Light Power to the Ennis switch to set out the 8733. Here we see them alongside Grand Avenue just prior to the set out.

July 08, 2009
Here we see a revised O35 consist near the new beer distro facility in Surprise. This morning the inbound Local set out GP60M 124 at the west end of El Mirage for the O35 to pick up later on in the morning.

June 26, 2009
About 9:10am I was driving north on Litchfield Rd near the grade crossing and I spotted the 8733 on the move with a boxcar and caboose in tow. I stopped short of the grade crossing and waited for the train to make its way towards me. Here is another photo of it a few minutes later...this time it is between Peoria and Cactus and is heading towards the new beer distribution facility and eventually to work on the mainline in El Mirage.

June 25, 2009
The 2229 was replaced by GP38 2191 before the end of daylight on June 24th but I wasn't able to get a photo of it. By the afternoon of June 25th scanner chatter indicated there was yet another problem with the current unit. I heard a warrant for the O37 using GP60 8733 to head out to El Mirage from Restricted Limits. Actually, he got a warrant only up to the MP 176 in Youngtown. The 2191 got cleared up in El Mirage and the 8733 was able to proceed into El Mirage to give the O35 a hand.

By the time I returned to El Mirage a couple hours later, neither of the units were present but there was some scanner chatter out on the Ennis Sub. So, I headed out towards Calgas and was surprised to find the 2191 creeping along as I neared Cactus Avenue grade crossing. So, I stopped and got the photo above. From there, I went out to Calgas and found the GP60 8733 tied down for the evening. For another view of the 2191 with a stormy monsoon sky background, please click the photo above.

June 24, 2009
For some reason, the GP60 8737 didn't last very long on the O35. The evening of June 23rd I noticed it was sitting on the Ennis siding north of Greenway Rd and that's a pretty good indicator of a pending pick up by the Local. The next morning, there was no sign of the 8737 but I did find GP38 2229 tucked away onto one of the El Mirage yard tracks waiting for the morning outbound Z train to pass. This unit was starting to give the crew some problems and in this view we see the conductor on the ground. He was discussing something with the engineer. They finally got the train moving but it became apparent they were going to have to change units again if any work was going to get accomplished. Click on the photo to see a photo of the eastbound Z train passing the 2229.

June 4, 2009
Ironically, just a few hours before I grabbed this photo, a buddy of mine and I were pondering if/when any of the plentiful GP60s currently working in Phoenix would ever be assigned to the O35 job. Well, when the O35 job called DS13 to work on the mainline for a few minutes and ID'd themselves as the 8737 I almost fell out of my chair...a GP60 was indeed assigned to the O35...and I'd just seen the 2843 (seen below) at lunch time yesterday. So, I figured they were leaving the mainline and heading onto the Ennis Sub so I headed out west a couple miles and, thankfully, I found the 8737 lumbering towards Calgas. This is probably the only photo I got of the 8737 working the O35 and it was a dreary morning photograph at that...

April 10, 2009
Well, the 2652 didn't last long on the O35 as witnessed by GP39-2 2843 sitting at Ennis/El Mirage the next day. This Geep would stay assigned to the O35 until June 3, 2009.

April 9, 2009
A fine Thursday morning and we find the latest O35 hack sitting on the Ennis Sub at El Mirage. Scanner chatter indicates the crew is having some problems getting the locomotive to fire up. Not sure how long this unit has been working the O35 job but it's only a day or two at most so far. This unit has been rebuilt to -3 standards as indicated by the designation on the side frame below the cab: GP35-3R.

It's interesting (though hardly surprising) to note this is only the second time I've noted a unit painted in Heritage 3 paint working the O35 job.

March 10, 2009
Another GP38 in town with primer patches similar to the 2220 is the 2229. The 2626 departed Phoenix a few days ago and was promplty replaced by GP38 2229. 8-axle flat car QTTX 130740 has been in town for at least a couple of months now, and is currently being used as a buffer car. Here we see the O35 job waiting on the Ennis Sub to join the mainline after the westbound Local clears up.

February 24, 2009
I first noticed the 2626 working the O35 job on February 15th and today is the first day I've taken the opportunity to grab a photo. Here we see the 2626 entering the Ennis Sub in El Mirage after having run light engine from Lizard Acres.

January 20, 2009
On Monday the 19th of January, the 2445 returned to Mobest yard in the morning and was apparently replaced with GP38 2220. Here we see the new O35 hack on the mainline in El Mirage after running lite from Lizard Acres early in the afternoon of January 20th, 2009.

January 14, 2009
The 2413 didn't last very long on the O35 job. Here we see the replacement unit, GP30 2445, backing towards the mainline at El Mirage.

January 9, 2009
Sometime during the last day or two, GP35 2626 was taken off the O35 and replaced by GP30 2413. After some quick work on the mainline between MP 173 and MP 175, the O35 headed toward Calgas on the Ennis Sub with a lumber load, a string of tank cars and the former BN caboose "shoving platform." This photo shows the tail end of the train crossing Cactus Rd. Please click on the photo to see a photo of the heavily-tagged GP30.

December 29, 2008
GP35 2626 was set out at El Mirage on the Ennis siding sometime Friday night or Saturday morning after Christmas. Here we see the new O35 hack working Calgas on Monday morning, December 29th. GP30 2430 was picked up by the inbound Local on Saturday morning, December 27th, and departed Phoenix on the Repo train on the 28th. You can click on the photo to see the Repo train it departed on. The "inbound Local" link shows the unit on the Saturday morning headin' into town.

December 11, 2008
GP30 2430 has been assigned to the O35 since late October 2008 having replaced the GP35 2590 by at least the 27th. Here we see the O35 waiting to join the mainline at El Mirage.

October 17, 2008
GP35 2590 is seen with just a shoving platform and is approaching the mainline in El Mirage to start some work.

August 2, 2008
GP35 2535 and the shoving platform are seen on the Ennis siding alongside Grand Avenue at the MP 174.
Fast approaching is this evening's M-PHXBEL with D8-41CW 930 in charge of a fairly short manifest.

July 13, 2008
GP35 2580 has just completed a shoving move onto the Webb Spur. Engineer Ryan Baker is pulling the loco forward to clear the spur switch so they can go over to Calgas and pick up a heavy train of empty tank cars.

June 08, 2008
GP30 2462 has stopped at the industry spur at MP 3 on the Ennis Sub. They're about to pick up the empty centerbeam in the lumber yard in the background. Engineer Ryan Baker is in charge of today's road switcher job.
Please click here for some more photos from this chase (and a few extra O35 pix tacked on the end of the page).

June 06, 2008
GP39-2 2769 is seen resting in the late evening sun at El Mirage alongside the mainline.

May 11, 2008
GP39-2 2944 is pulling a long cut of empty flat cars and tank cars off the Ennis Sub. Thompson Ranch Rd. grade crossing in El Mirage.

March 15, 2008
GP39-2 2836 took over from the 2458 after just a day or two. The unit is seen just after sunrise at the east end of the Ennis Sub in El Mirage. She'd go on duty just a few minutes after I took this photo.

March 11, 2008
GP30 2458 was just assigned to the O35 this morning, replacing the 2641 that worked the job through yesterday. Here we see the unit approaching the grade crossing at Thunderbird and Dysart on the Ennis Subdivision.

March 1, 2008
GP35 2641 worked the O35 for a spell in early 2008. Here the unit is parked at the east end of the Ennis Sub near Grand Avenue with empty flat cars.

January 18, 2008
GP38-2 2014 arrived at El Mirage on Sunday 13 January as the O36 job and since then has been the sole unit assigned to the O35. On Friday 18 January I finally caught up with them at work. Here we see the 2014 shoving a single loaded Illinois Central centerbeam flat into the Foxworth Galbraith Truss company at Lizard Acres. Please click on the photo for another view of the 2014.

December 25, 2007
GP35 2558 was removed from the consist sometime on December 21st. I'd observed the O35 with the lashup shown below at 3:45pm on the 21st. Later the same evening the 2588 had been removed and parked north of Greenway on the Ennis setout track. Presumably, the Local that night picked it up and took it to Castle Hot Springs because it was gone the next morning. Here the O35 is seen parked at Ennis/El Mirage early in the afternoon on Christmas Day.

December 19, 2007
GP35 2561 was joined by the 2558 and 2566 sometime during the last 24 hours. The latter two units were at the north end of Ennis siding alongside the mainline on December 18th; the 2561 was on the Ennis Sub at the same time. Here we see the trio parked near the Peoria Ave grade crossing at the timetable location known as Sun Valley.

December 2, 2007
GP35 2561 is the lone unit now assigned to the O35. Observed on the Ennis Sub at El Mirage taking a break on a Sunday afternoon.

August 18, 2007
GP35s 2553 and 2532 are seen crossing Grand Avenue while coming off the Ennis Sub at El Mirage. This is a similar view to the one below but the photo was taken from between the lanes on Grand Avenue instead of on the east side of the street.

August 18, 2007
The westbound Local has just given back the Milepost 175 enabling the O35 to join the mainline behind them. GP35s 2553 and 2532 are seen crossing Grand Avenue while coming off the Ennis Sub at El Mirage.

July 16, 2007
GP35 2553 and GP30 2471 are seen basking in early evening sunlight at Lizard Acres.

July 6, 2007
GP30 2471 and GP39M (rebuilt GP30) 2823 were sitting at the east end of Ennis siding alongside the mainline early in the morning of July 4. The 2446 and 2619 were also present in El Mirage but were apparently picked up by the westbound Local later in the day and taken to Mobest. In this view, we see the current O35 motors sitting on the Ennis Sub near the Grand Avenue crossing late in the morning of July 6.

May 23, 2007
GP30 2446 and GP35 2619 arrive "light" from Mobest Yard at the west end of El Mirage to begin the work for the day. These units stayed assigned to the O35 until early July 2007.

April 22, 2007
A trio of Geeps led by GP 35 2591 (the 2519 and 2430 are the others) prepare to go to work on the morning of April 22. Interestingly, the 2591 ran down to El Mirage as the O36 (the usual TOFC day job) and the whole shebang operated this day as the O36. Guess the O36 crew didn't have anything better to do that day.

April 10, 2007
GP35 2519, now mated to GP30 2430, is seen near Grand Avenue on the Ennis Sub.

April 6, 2007
GP35 2519 was seemingly dropped off at El Mirage on the Ennis siding the night before.

February 5, 2007
The 2751 is seen just past Webb Spur enroute to Calgas.

February 5, 2007
In nearly three years, this is the first time I've seen a green unit on the O35. GP39E (rebuilt GP30) 2751 was having trouble and it took the crew two attempts to get the cut of cars across Grand Ave and up onto the Ennis Sub. From there it was a fairly easy chase out to Calgas.

August 20, 2006
Been a couple months since the previous photo and the 2598 has been turned and is now facing east. West end of El Mirage, sitting on one of the autorack tracks.

June 22, 2006
Since the 2598 is pointing west, unique photo opportunites exist. This is Lizard Acres, adjacent to the mainline.

June 21, 2006
2598 is seen pointing geographic east at El Mirage near the beginning of the Ennis Sub very near to Grand Avenue.

June 16, 2006
GP35 2617 awaits permission to enter the mainline at Lizard Acres.

June 1, 2006
In this view north towards Goldbadge from Thunderbird Road, GP35 2627 rests. The sign advertises the near future for El Mirage. Just over a year later, in mid July 2007, the Walmart officially opened for business. The former Goldbadge station sign and siding track have been removed. Please Click Here for an aerial photo I took of the area in mid-2005. The triangular patch of ground is the location of the new Wal Mart and it takes up the entire plot. After the photo loads, you can click on it in the lower right to make it 1400 pixels wide.

April 20, 2006
Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for the taggers to leave their mark.

April 4, 2006
Thankfully, they separated the units and set the B23 free. I was elated!

April 4, 2006
Here are the two units side-by-side. I was definitely hoping the B23-7 would resume working by itself while I was out photographing.

April 4, 2006
The B23-7 shoved the tank car from El Mirage to Lizard Acres and I followed them all the way...I'm sure the crew thought I was crazy.

April 4, 2006
The 4268 prepares to pull some cars from the Foxworth Galbraith Truss company at Lizard Acres.

February 23, 2006
Viewed from near the location of the following photo but looking in the opposite direction, GP35 2600 is seen at El Mirage. In this view we see the Ennis Sub curving across Grand Avenue. The Geep sits on the Ennis siding.
Next track is the Phoenix Sub - The Peavine - with the autorack tracks in the background.

February 23, 2006
GP35 2600 and GP38-2 2348 are seen at El Mirage on the Ennis Sub, very near to Grand Avenue.

February 13, 2006
GP38-2 2348 is seen at El Mirage on the Ennis Sub, very near to Grand Avenue.

February 8, 2006
GP35 2532 and GP38-2 2348 pass Goldbadge on the Ennis Sub.

January 28, 2006
GP35 2532 rests at Lizard Acres while a westbound manifest, the M-BELPHX, passes enroute to Phoenix on the Peavine.

November 30, 2005
GP30 2443 pulls a cut across the eastbound lanes of Grand Avenue. The cut of cars in the distance occupy the Ennis siding adjacent to the Peavine.

May 8, 2005
GP30 2422 passes the Goldbadge station sign on the Ennis Sub.

April 26, 2005
A nice trio of Geeps occupy the Ennis siding adjacent to the Peavine, near the Greenway Blvd grade crossing.

April 11, 2005
GP30 2422 pulls a nice foreign boxcar, the Illinois Central 620489, past Goldbadge on the Ennis Sub.

April 5, 2005
GP30 2422 is seen at Lizard Acres, waiting to go on duty after the morning mainline traffic passes.

March 30, 2005
GP30 2409 and GP35 2586 sit on the Ennis siding adjacent to the Peavine mainline and the El Mirage autorack facility. This is MP 174 on the Peavine.

March 11, 2005
GP35 2586 is seen at El Mirage on the Ennis Sub, very near to Grand Avenue.

February 23, 2005
GP35 2640 sits on the Ennis siding adjacent to the Peavine mainline and the El Mirage autorack facility.

February 13, 2005
Another view of GP35 2589 at the steel customer's facility at Sun Valley, near the Peoria Avenue grade crossing.

February 13, 2005
GP35 2586 is tucked in the spur track at Goldbadge while GP35 2589 pulls a cut of cars along the first mile of the Ennis Sub. The lumber customer at Goldbadge no longer exists as the whole parcel of land here has become home to a Super Walmart in 2007.

February 06, 2005
Returning from Lizard Acres, GP39-2 2945 runs long hood forward past the Surprise station sign on the Peavine along Grand Avenue.

January 23, 2005
GP35 2519 approaches the grade crossing at Cactus Avenue enroute to customers to the west.

January 16, 2005
GP35 2549 is facing Grand Avenue in this view at El Mirage. Soon the crew will pull across Grand and start working the Ennis siding, adjacent to the mainline.

January 13, 2005
GP35 2549 pauses short of Peoria Avenue at the location known as Sun Valley. There is no station sign here but there are two customers nearby, on either side of the track.

January 2, 2005
GP35 2643 rounds the curve at Webb Spur enroute towards Calgas. The track in the foreground extends south towards the air base but no longer enters the base, having been severed just north of Northern Avenue. This track is often used as overflow storage for Calgas tankers, and more recently (2007-2008) loads of 36 inch diameter pipe.

November 20, 2004
GP35 2643 is seen at El Mirage on the Ennis Sub, very near to Grand Avenue.

October 25, 2004
GP35 2606 is seen alongside Olive Avenue at Calgas.

September 20, 2004
GP35 2643 is seen alongside Olive Avenue near Calgas.

August 15, 2004
GP30 2436 and GP35 2645 at the west end of El Mirage using one of the autorack tracks as a weekend resting spot. Ominous storm clouds in the background are typical of the summer monsoon in Arizona.

July 22, 2004
GP35 2606 is seen at Reems, which is a siding / storage track just west of Calgas alongside Olive Avenue.

June 30, 2004
GP35 2505 and GP39-2 2861 work the Fertizona facility at Fennemore, the westernmost customer on the Ennis Sub. The train is on the former north-south line that parallels Cotton Lane and once connected Beardsley to the north with McMicken to the south. The curved section of track in the foreground is the Ennis Sub and eventually becomes tangent track parallel to Olive Avenue.

Click Here and here to see an aerial image of the Fennemore / Wayne area.