The 2006 BNSF Railway Special operated on the Peavine on 8 June 2006, running a round trip between Peoria and Castle Hot Springs. A D9-44CW was on each end to facilitate operations. I barely caught the eastbound trip at Lizard Acres but followed the train for a while and waited at Wittmann for the return trip. I then got ahead of it and waited for it to arrive at Peoria. I also caught the final eastbound departure at Milepost 175 - what I call El Mirage Curve - in the early afternoon.

The photos below shows the complete westbound train consisting of photos taken at Wittmann, Peoria, and El Mirage. All photos by Aeromoe.

The west end of the special at Peoria

Both units are visible in this view at Peoria

BNSF 50 "Stampede Pass" (Sleeper Power Car)

BNSF 64 "Marias Pass" (Sleeper)

BNSF 66 "Cajon Pass" (Sleeper)

BNSF 7 "Santa Fe" (Business Car)

AMTK 1702 (Amtrak Express Baggage)

BNSF 29 "Valley View" (Club Lounge)

BNSF 11 "Fred Harvey" (Diner)

BNSF 4 "Missouri River" (Business Car)

BNSF 40 "Fox River" (Bi-Level Coach Lounge)

BNSF 40 "Fox River" (Bi-Level Coach Lounge)

BNSF 44 "Colorado River" (Bi-Level Coach)

BNSF 44 "Colorado River" (Bi-Level Coach)

BNSF 44 "Colorado River" (Bi-Level Coach)

BNSF 41 "Flathead River" (Bi-Level Coach)

BNSF 45 "Powder River" (Bi-Level Coach)

BNSF 45 "Bay View" (Dome Lounge)

Westbound returns to Peoria...trailing unit seen at Wittmann

A westbound Z train on the mainline passes the special at Peoria.